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Mentor Suzanne Daly

Expertise: Digital marketing, Google awards, branding and website development. 

Personal Summary:

I’m one of a rare breed that wears both a creative hat and a commercial hat. Prior to becoming a marketer I studied both fine art and design studies and as a result I’m able to look at the world through both the creative and commercial eyes.

My marketing career spans over a decade and across multiple industries targeting International audiences selling consumer products. But I’ve always been passionate about small businesses and helping them to reach their full potential. After setting up my own business in 2013, I realised how isolating and sometimes frustrating being in charge of your own destiny can be. The one thing missing is the ability to soundboard advice off colleagues and the inspiration and motivation you get from working in a team

My mission is to be able to provide both the business and marketing advice to start-ups and small businesses in a mentoring environment so that they have the support they need to help grow their businesses. I’m keenly aware of how small Ireland can be and as our footprint is worldwide I want to help get our products to an International audience through online means in a cost effective way.


Mentoring Experience:

As a marketing consultant I provide mentoring and coaching services privately to my clients. My belief has always been to mentor clients so that they are self -sufficient until such a time as they are ready to scale up and need additional training. It’s that old saying…..”Give someone a fish and you’ll feed them for a day, teach them to fish and you’ll feed them for a lifetime”



Sept 2005 - June 2009 - MII Degree in Marketing - Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin
Sept 1997 - June 2000 - N.C.E.A. Diploma in Fine Art - Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork

Sept 1994 - June 1997 - N.C.V.A. Certificate in Design - Liberties College, Dublin

June 1997 - Awarded the “Al Frank Design Award” by the Irish Crafts Council, Powerscourt, Dublin 2

- Additional Training:

June 2013- Awarded distinction in Train the Trainer course, Fetac level 6

Sept 2006 - Professional training in Media Communications with Dorland Communications

Sept 2002 - Dec 2002 - Certificate in Desktop Publishing, Dorset College, Dorset Street, Dublin 7


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