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Mentor Paul Harrison

Expertise: Prototyping and production

Personal Summary:

For the past 26 years I have worked as professional model-maker. For 21 of those years, I have run my own model-making studio (City Models), based in Dublin. The production of commercial models and prototypes is a unique combination of craft and technology. Commercial model-making, with its hand skills and crafts, has evolved into a production process that incorporates laser cutting, CNC machining and water jet cutting to produce components that are then hand-assembled to produce a finished product. This process gives me a unique insight in to the integration of new technologies into the craft industry.


Mentoring Experience:

Over the years I have worked with sculptors, industrial designers, architects and retail designers to commutate their concepts in three dimensions. With my expertise in manufacturing models, I have always used the ever-changing and evolving ideas and technologies across industries. After 21 years running City Models, I can fully understand the pressures and stresses of setting up and running a design-centred business in Ireland. The delicate balance of craft and commercial realities is something I fully understand and have achieved over the years.



College of Marketing and Design -  Certificate in Design Presentation and communication

Acad 2D and 3D Rhino Design training courses


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