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Mentor Patricia Clyne-Kelly

Expertise: Business skill development, strategic planning and pricing. 

Personal Summary:

All the activities I have been involved in in the creative making world in Ireland over the past 30 years have given me a lot of experience and information to share with clients in the mentor programme. I am an independent freelance creative project manager and owner/director of Access to Arts (est 2003) and Clyne Gallery (currently nomadic). Projects have included:

As a mentor I initially listen and absorb in order to evaluate steps needed to motivate and encourage clients to discover their way forward realise their full potential creatively and commercially and to rekindle their passion for their product and profession.


Mentoring Experience:

As gallery coordinator in DesignYard and subsequently director of Clyne Gallery mentoring of makers was an everyday occurrence.Topics ranged from pricing work, packaging, promotional material, exhibitions, commissions, business terms and conditions to market awareness research. In Letterkenny in 2016 I was invited to attend a FUSE clinic to mentor 13 clients with diverse products. This involved covering a very broad range of issues over the two days including, pricing, new products, marketing, recognising best practice, assessing product viability in terms of production cost/sales figures. The Design & Crafts Council invited me be part of a group of mentors to attend a day long clinic in Kilkenny in 200? to mentor several clients in short sessions throughout the day. These were speed sessions for urgent issues.




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