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Mentor Natalie LaCroix

Expertise: Buyer, expert in accessories and lifestyle good and international markets. 

Personal Summary:

As a Fashion Luxury Curator, I combine global and international reach with local market knowledge for accessories and lifestyle. My core philosophy and values are built around sustainablebrand building and positioning. Working collaboratively with my clients, utilising my experience, coupled with my global and strong network of contacts allways updated, And so I am able to best position and develop a brand within. I am used to work with emergent designers embodying the values of knowhow and my motivation which is “Restoring art to cra smanship” matches perfectly with the mentoring mission I could have for DCCoI. What make sense to me is “Keep art alive together “ and that is a part of my new business.  e latest event, a New Jewellery Showroom with its  rst edition in Paris during last Paris Fashion Week located Place des Victoires, a strategic and emblematic location for a collective of 9 designers that I curated for their values of cra  and knowhow. I also mentored them about their strategy. Distribution is changing and all the social medias I am really involved in can really a ord a new way for business. What really make sense is a global image with a strong brandcontent and storytelling combined to an online shop, marketplcaes and some appropriate retailers to secure customers. And also events to feed the communication and visibility. My expertise allows me to mentor, I know the topic but I also have necessary recoil to give advices to designers who most of the time are alone witn nobody to exchange and especially for some Irish Designers who don’t raelly know the international market.


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