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Mentor Margaret Ryan

Expertise: Branding, web design and development, LEO Trading Online Voucher Scheme Mentoring. 

Personal Summary:

Winner of "I.T. Specialist of the Year 2014" Disaronno Hi Awards. I joined STORM Web Development Ltd. in 2004 as a director. My previous career was with a leading Dublin based pharmaceutical company where I held an Executive position. I did German Studies in Zurich, on my return I studied Marketing in DIT followed by Supply Chain Management (APICS) in DCU. I went on to do an 18 month programme where I attained a DEVELOPMENT AWARD IN DESIGN MANAGEMENT (Certification) for the modules, Creativity & Design, Market Research, Competitive Analysis & Marketing Communications.


Mentoring Experience:

As the owner of an agency that provides branding and web design, creativity is a necessity and with each project undertaken there must be an understanding and focus on design elements that represent the client. For 20 years we have worked with clients from all walks of life so it was important to develop the skills and processes that would enable us to get to know the client and understand their brand, image, objectives and market. I therefore delve into the brand and image of the business first. The next step is to discuss and identify the business/technical requirements for the project. For the technical elements I would outline the web and ecommerce technologies commonly used, the various payment gateways and expenses, targeting specific demographics, setting up taxation for various territories, shipping options and Pick & Pack provider options, and advise on Privacy Policies, Terms, Returns Policies, Refunds. Then comes the analysis of the target market and the best tools to reach them. After that it is important to understand the skillset and/or resources available to the client and propose the best solution to fit the client and their needs. Due to our longstanding reputation and experience I have been asked to give many talks and workshops and for the last 6 years I have been on the mentoring panel for LEO Tipperary, where I am the Trading Online Voucher Scheme mentor, along with other online activities such as SEO. With our extensive experience we have successfully guided many businesses with diverse needs through their branding and website projects. We do this by having robust processes in place that are effective in understanding the client and their business objectives for the project.


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