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Mentor John Magee

Expertise: Business planning, sales & marketing, export and company structuring.

Personal Summary:

John holds international business qualifications from the UK, USA and France. Prior to his own consulting businesses, he was the marketing consultant within KPMG's Belfast office. The small business agency for Northern Ireland selected John to review the marketing plans developed by other consultants as part of its Market Awareness Programme. For the past 22 years John has run his own consulting businesses working with owners of client companies from across all sectors. He brings practical sales & marketing advice with an emphasis on working within a limited budget. He is a skilled international negotiator and has led over one hundred overseas business visits. Recent work has included delivery of a programme funded by the European Union which resulted in 60 companies generating increased sales of £12,000,000 through introductions made in 16 countries. Since January 2017 he has worked with a further 93 client companies seeking to develop export sales in 29 different countries. John is the owner of International Business Initiatives Limited and Overseas Results Limited. He is married to Louise with two sons.


Mentoring Experience:

In his 22 years as chief executive of International Business Initiatives Limited John has assisted craft and design enterprises to develop markets and strategic relationships in Ireland, UK, China , USA, Canada, Japan , Austria, Germany, Taiwan, Chile, UAE and Finland. John has advised his clients on company structuring, shareholders agreements, strategic direction, marget segmentation, international payment processing, market visits, negotiation, business terms, sourcing and trade show attendance. His advice is based upon the goals, ambitions and abilities of the owner.



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