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Mentor James Jarlath Waldron

Expertise: Trends, marketing and fashion design. 

Personal Summary:

I am an Irish fashion designer working in Italy for many years. Since the very beginning of my working experience, I have always had the fortune to collaborate with the best international fashion brands, designers, artisans, fabric mills, embroiderers, and manufacturers and it has always given me the chance to learn. My determination to stick to my core beliefs in design is my signature. I have my design style and I apply this to any type of tribe be it Romantic, sexy, classic, rock and roll, street, sportswear. I have always been inspired by the times in which I live and by the times yet to come. From these and many other experiences, I have learnt that inspiration can be found anywhere. There is no limit to time, you can start from Roman mosaic tiles to 1980-s post modern. There is no limit to place, from east to west. Northern or southern countries can all be inspiring. Furthermore, it is vey important to understand that you can create new fashion trends not only by buying fashion books to be inspired by, you need to look everywhere for inspiration to create something new. I am careful to look for things that are new. I have a voracious appetite for anything new, from cars to food from people to places. Since 2010 I made a decision to go freelance as a designer and luxury products are my expertise.
I work for different brands based in Italy from Luxury cashmere producers to a shoe brands who launched a women prêt a porter collection.


Mentoring Experience:

My broad mentoring experience in national and international design houses, has substantially enhanced my natural inclination towards the coordination and the strategic planning of design projects. Over the years, I have refined not only my talent in coordinating and leading a team, but also my capacity for adapting myself in accordance with the team and market’s needs.


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