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Mentor Ed Devane

Expertise: Digital fabrication and interactive technologies. 

Personal Summary:

My background in music production has led me down a technology-focused path towards instrument and product design using digital fabrication, microcontrollers and computing in the creation and delivery of my work. I am largely self-taught in areas relating to design, craft and music, thus have a deep and practical understanding of the techniques and approaches of “desktop manufacturing” (such as laser cutting, 3D printing and CNC routing), audio and video editing, promoting my work through the internet, Arduino programming, locational-specific interactive art installations and funding applications. I was shortlisted for the Future Maker Award 2016, and have been funded by Arts Council, Local Enterprise Office, Culture Ireland and others. I have worked extensively across Ireland as a workshop facilitator with all age groups on a variety of topics from improvised design, CAD, instrument building and DIY electronics.

Mentoring Experience:

My most relevant experience with mentoring has been my work with National College of Art and Design in my role as technician to MA and undergraduate students in the Design Department. This role is varied and covers a wide range of applications from advising students on design feasibility, mechanics, electronics, programming, material selection, Computer Aided Design, 3D Printing, laser cutting, CNC Routing and web design. It is equally practical and routed in traditional craft as it is technical and conceptual, using the latest interactive and manufacturing technology. I also work extensively as a workshop facilitator of design, craft and music related topics. I am currently investigating Design Thinking and user-centered education as workshop strategies.


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