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Mentor Ayelet Lalor

Expertise: Technical, ceramics, sculptural and business advice. 

Personal Summary:


Mentoring Experience:

15 years' experience in both the setting up and running of a professional ceramic production studio, and over 10 years of teaching experience.

Main strengths lie in the encouragement of design ideas and experimentation, and in technical support and innovation. I enjoy being able to help with finding creative solutions to individuals' needs.

This includes six years in Continuing Education at the National College of Art and Design, and four years in private classes from my own studio. I have also taught at The Liberties College and the Adrienne Geoghegan Visual Art Boot Camps, Dublin.


Mentored and given talks on the following areas :

Ayelet has also been on the selection panel for Sculpture in Context 2011, and the Visual Arts curation panel for Granby Park 2013.

On both these panels mentioned above, my expertise enabled me to understand the requirements of each artist’s project and to be objective as to each person's needs. I feel that this greatly benefits me in a mentoring capacity.



Figurative sculptor and innovative technician with a knowledge and passion for a broad range of materials.


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