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Mentor Aoife Harrington

Expertise: Design and innovation of new products in fashion, gift, jewellery, and wearable technology. 

Personal Summary:

Independent consultant working with a broad range of creative industries for over 25 years. Designing and innovating new product collections in Fashion, Gift, Clothing, Jewellery, Fragrance & Beauty, Knitwear and Wearable Technology. Brands collaborations include Converse USA, Laura Ashley, Newbridge Silverware, Paul Costelloe Living, Kartel Golf, Ireland Eye Knitwear and O`Neill`s International Sports Company. Working with carefully selected manufacturing partners in Ireland and internationally, project management is a key part of all design & development-  Production specification sheets, Purchase orders, Factory Selection (Followed up by on-site visits), Gold Seal sample approvals and final shipping packaging and transport.


Mentoring Experience:

I am an experienced mentor working with Enterprise Ireland and a number of the Leo Enterprise Boards for almost 5 years. I have mentored a wide range of start-up companies including hand crafted interior accessories, textile gift items, essential oils, kitchen accessories, handmade soaps and bespoke clothing ranges. I am experienced in identifying growth areas for new and existing product collections as well as providing ideas and support on creating a unique USP for a brand- in many cases leading to new target markets, additional sales and a strong compact collection of products with an identifiable style. I was invited by Enterprise Ireland to represent Ireland at the International Trade show in Macau, China with a presentation on the developing fashion business in Ireland and its inspiration for growth. This was followed up by a number of training workshops in I led in China, focusing on building a brand product collection from concept right through to completion. I meet every new start up/design enterprise with fresh eyes, listening carefully so that I have a full understanding of where they are with the business and what difficulties and stumbling blocks that they face. I travel extensively so that I am aware of and recognise incoming trends that may play a key part of product innovation. There is a challenge in the market place for consumers to think a little differently and be inspired by creating a unique story, and this is a concept I always share with all of my mentee companies.



BA in Fashion & Textiles – National College of Art & Design, Dublin.


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