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Mentor Andrew Burdock

Expertise: Design, production and manufacturing, with a speciality in furniture. 

Personal Summary:

"I have worked for the last 14 years in the design and production of product, with a focus on furniture. Over that time I have built up a great number of valuable relationships with clients, manufactures, suppliers and other working designers. I have worked on projects ranging from Installation Arts projects, production of works for EU eco design award winners, bespoke pieces for private clients all the way through to award winning commercial product. I have made enough mistakes to believe I can at least share what not to do in this field!"


Mentoring Experience:

"Ran the Ballymun Hotel Breaking Ground furniture and hotel design workshops as part of Sticks FF. Worked with various students in a mentoring and work experience over last five years. I also work every day with a diverse selection of clients, architects, product designers, retailers etc developing there ideas, commercial outlets,products and production systems."



BDes Industrial Design (NCAD)

14 years in the design, manufacture and production of commercial and bespoke products with a speciality in furniture


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