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Tips & Advice: Writing Application Forms

Tips & Advice: Writing Application Forms

Before you invest precious time, money and effort into putting together an application, it may be best to consider why are you making the application in the first place?

Three good reasons to make an application:

What you should aim to achieve in your application:

Before we talk about application processes, forms, or any of the techniques you should ask yourself three basic questions:

If you cannot answer these questions, you need to review your business vision, strategy and objectives before submitting your application.

Establishing your vision, strategy and objectives means talking about yourself. This means having a plan and setting some goals. You have to be able to clearly describe what you do and establish why it is unique. You then need to position yourself accordingly.

For more information on writing statements, see Tips and Advice: Writing Statements & Biographies.

To Start:

What to include in your application:

What NOT to include:

Remember to check:

Reflect on the following:

Top Tips:         

ALWAYS put together a draft application – give yourself the time to prepare a number of drafts.

Be a tough editor: Imagine the selectors reading your application. The selectors will not know you previous to your application. Give them a good first impression.

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