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Between Art and Industry

The Between Art and Industry seminar, which took place in June 2012, examined how traditional and contemporary craft practices are evolving production models in the post-industrial context of the 21st century. The presentations were focused to raise a series of important questions including: advancing technology and its place in creative production; melding contemporary ideas with traditional skills; out-sourcing of materials and skills; evoking a historical legacy with new forms of production; cultural value and its appreciation in an age of economic downturn; innovation and entrepreneurship in crafts.

Living Craft, After Industry

Róisín De Buítlear, glass artist, talks about contemporary glass in Ireland with a particular focus on hot-glass production.


Innocrafts: An Introduction

Louise Allen, Head of Innovation with the Crafts Council of Ireland, talks about the new breed of experimental, savvy, creative and technology-led makers and communities of practice around the globe who are willing to share ideas. This explosive mix is fuelling the unprecedented pace of development in technological and creative spheres.


Rapid Prototyping: Evolving Production

Theresa Burger is a jewellery designer who is using rapid prototyping. Here she talks about her process, the use of digital technology and its impact on the evolution of her work.


Heritage and Technology

Sasha Sykes talks about Farm 21 and their approach to the development of craft objects from a contemporary rural standpoint.

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